Saturday, March 19, 2011


Yesterday I made a salad that I would have loved to share with Mina Taylor. As I thought about this colorful red cabbage (in Russian, ‘blue’ cabbage) salad, I reminisced about living in the Taylor’s missionary quarters, occasionally cooking for them, sharing recipes with Mina and the other aspects of life that come from living with people and the ‘sharpening one another’ that takes place. I miss that these days, living alone in a quiet apartment.

When I said goodbye last December, I knew that, despite all the things I was looking forward to returning to in Kyiv, I was going to miss many aspects of California. My last post mentions them and, truly, I miss all those things and more. Most of all I miss people: the ones I saw every day, the ones I would only see occasionally and the ones who are so far away that I haven't seen them in far too long.

Some days and weeks my life here in Kyiv is full, other weeks are quiet and slow. I am enjoying it all and especially the transition from winter to spring right now. The snow has melted, the temperature is generally above freezing and the days are sunny. While spring officially arrived on March 1 here in Ukraine, it finally feels like it really is around the corner.

You never know what kind of musings a new salad recipe might prompt.


MommaMina said...

NEW SALAD ??!!!! WHat ?? Where is the recipe, and why didn't you post it on this graphically exquisite picture. Wah. You MUST post it. I would have loved to been there to taste it.
I miss those days of wafting aromas coming from your room and you trudging up the stairs with your laundry and your happy voice ringing out, "Good morning."
Did I tell you that I am trying to reconfigure my kitchen-(perhaps it will make me more creative culinarily.) When I asked my cousin about appliances she told me to ask her husband who is in on the new trends. SO I did and he said, "Well since you don't like cooking just tear out the whole thing and make it a craft room." WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! Why didn't i think of that before?!
I suppose we DO have to eat and you can't eat glue gunned crafts.

Love to you dear. Thanks for the pic- inspires me to go out to the garden and pick that Big ol'head of cabbage awaiting the knife! :)

Lois Thorpe said...

Mina, did the salad link not work? Here it is again:

I think you'll love it.

You could make a 'create your own meal' kitchen craft room. You'd have all the necessary ingredients and everyone could make their own AND express their creativity at the same time :) (See, that's how I see cooking.)

Have you ever had raclette? That would fit the requirements and then be much less work for you!

Abigail Joy Stevens said...

Thorpe!!!!!! I like you.