Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Last week I decided that I wanted to treat some colleagues to some festive food, Californian food, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, even if it was a week early. So we had a dinner of beans, rice, tortillas, carne asada, and a couple of salsas. It was so good, I thought I should actually repeat the meal tonight with my friends from California. I think it was even better the second time!

I'm on my way back to California in a couple of weeks where the food will be more authentic and won't require so much work (45 minutes to make tortillas) to get the same taste. I'll begin to take it for granted and begin to miss the foods that I love here in Ukraine. But tonight I am satisfied and content to have friends nearby to enjoy it with.


Abigail Joy Stevens said...

Ya! We'll be seeing you soon. And there's lots of mexican food here

MommaMina said...

Hey Lois

I so identify with your 'about me" paragraph. Have you ever read the Wind in the Willows? there is a chapter called Dolce Domum that when I recently read brought me to tears. I think it was because i too long for home. And I unlike you have lived in the same place for 29 years and in the same town all my life! We long for the same constance of God's presence in a tangible way eh?
Fred is going on an off road overnighter trip on Jun4-6. I was thinking about goig but the thing of it is that i need to be back to GHFC on Sunday morning to teach a class. Would this be of interest to you at all?
See you v soon!

Lois Thorpe said...

Mina, I'll have to read that soon. It's good to have fellow sojourners - I'm really looking forward to living in such close proximity to you!

What kind of teaching are we talking about? Send me an email with some specifics.