Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cold Water

Yesterday I came home to a brief announcement on the front door of my building: Due to some [gas?] issue there will be no hot water from 11.05.2010 to 14.05.2010.

No big deal, right? It's fairly warm outside now. It's not that I enjoy taking cold showers, but four days is better than the typical two weeks every summer when the hot water is shut off throughout the city. Plus it's better than the week in April where there was only hot water. One cannot take scalding hot showers or do the laundry in the washing machine in that situation.

Today a friend of mine arrived in town with her 10-month old son. They had just spent a week in the village with her mother where there is no running water at all. That put it all into perspective. At least I have running water.

Unfortunately, my friend had been looking forward to a nice warm shower. Oh, well.

But at least we have running water.


josieO said...

She can come shower here!

Lois Thorpe said...

Thanks! We just both took cold showers this morning...

Anne said...

When my family and I lived in tents we managed "showers" quite well with gallon milk jugs filled with water we warmed in the sun in the summer and on the camp stove in the winter. I live in an apartment in the States which also has unexpected water outages, so I still keep milk jugs handy.